Sofia Signature Facial Treatment 60 minutes - $130 [BOOK]
When restoring your skin’s softness and radiance is your goal, this is the treatment choice for you! Sofia customizes each facial according to skin type, beginning with a deep cleansing followed by a gentle but effective enzyme exfoliation. Impurities are then carefully extracted from congested follicles before a soothing, relaxing aromatherapy massage. The finale is a specially created treatment mask designed to restore hydration and bring out the skin’s optimum glow. Perfect for all skin types.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment - 60 minutes $135 [BOOK]
The ultimate solutionfor dull, fatigued skin in need of a serious recharge! Thoroughly cleansed skin receives the regenerative power of our diamond microdermabrasion system, which refines uneven surface cells and speeds their replacement with new, healthy tissue. We follow with a calming, hydrating mask that will produce a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion. Planned as a series of treatments for best results.

Hydrating Oxygen Anti-Aging Facial Treatment - 75 minutes $145 [BOOK]
The perfect solutionto dry, environmentally challenged skin. Similar to Sofia’s Signature FacialTreatment but includes the super-hydrating potency of concentrated oxygen miststhat substantially increase the skin’s moisture content and retention. Alsoincluded is a special exfoliation and softening treatment for the hands and forearms. A truly relaxing and revitalizing experience.

Collagen Rejuvenation Facial Therapy - 60 minutes $160 [BOOK]
One of the most effective ways to stimulate collagen production. Using unique sphere-shaped stylus tipsto create micro-channels in the skin, the treatment achieves a deeper subcutaneous penetration by active products that leads to optimal skin restoration, preventing breakouts and resulting in a fuller, smoother appearance. The procedure is ideal for fine lines and wrinkles, skindiscoloration and acne scar.

The Ultimate Facial Experience - 75 minutes $185.00 [BOOK]
Here is your perfect beauty retreat! Our most complete facial treatment includes the following ultra-luxurious services to restore skin and mental harmony:

An informative “getting to know you” pre-treatment consultation.

Skin smoothing and hydrating refinement for typically dry hands and forearms.

Deep facial cleansing with natural enzymes.

Skin refining and brightening exfoliation by microdermabrasion or alphahydroxy peeling, depending on skin type and sensitivity.

Extraction of blackheads as needed.

Stress-melting face neck and shoulder massage with natural aromatics.

Collagen hydrating mask with LED firming therapy.
The result? Your skin will appear radiant and you will feel a new sense of deep calm and inner peace.

Pick Me Up Facial (refreshing/brightening) - 50 minutes $115 [BOOK]
For the woman or man “on the go,” this treatment is the ideal way to refresh and brighten world-weary skin. Your session includes a deep pore cleansing and mild enzyme exfoliation, mini-facial massage and rehydration gel mask.

Skin Clearing Treatment -60 minutes $130 [BOOK]
An ideal medicine-free approach to controlling stubborn acne breakouts in affectedteens and adults. Through our skin-purifying and follicle blackhead extractionprocess, you will see reduced pimples and discoloration over time. Each clientwill be personally evaluated and the appropriate treatment approach recommendedfor best results.

Acne Skin Clearing Treatment - 60 minutes $135 [BOOK]
An ideal medicine-free approach to controlling stubborn acne breakouts in affected teens and adults. Through our skin-purifying and follicle blackhead extraction process, you will see reduced pimples and discoloration over time. Each client will be personally evaluated and the appropriate treatment approach recommended for best results.

Acne Peel - 30 minutes $95 [BOOK]
Acne problems are often caused by skin overgrowth of the follicle opening, trapping both oil and bacteria that lead to inflammation and infection. Our acne peels are ideal for helping the skin release congestive debris and minimizing unpleasant reaction.

Skin Perfecting Peels - Seriesof 3 (Prepaid) $300, 45 minutes each
45 minutes $125, 60 minutes $140 [BOOK]

When thickened, dull, dry skin is making you appear older than you should, ourSkin Perfecting Peel program will quickly reverse it. Designed as a series ofclosely scheduled treatments, you will enjoy beautifully smooth and brightenedskin without excessive redness or “down time.”

Microcurrent Skin Facial Lifting Treatments - 60 minutes $120, series of 12 recommended [BOOK]
Here’s how to achieve a mini-face and neck lift without surgery! Our series of comfortable microcurrent treatments gradually tighten and strengthen skin tissues to produce a firmer facial profile and impressive reduction of deeper lines and wrinkles. We will achieve safe, effective and lasting results that require only an occasional routine of treatments to maintain the benefits of the initial program.

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