A Sofia Skin Care Specialty! Say good-bye to unsightly hairs with a series of safe, effective electrolysis treatments.

Initial consultation plus - 15 minute treatment - $75 [BOOK]
30 minutes $105, 15 minutes $75

SkinGlow Pre-Electrolysis Facial Treatment - 60 minutes $145 [BOOK]
This luxurious facial is the ideal way to begin your electrolysis program. In a relaxing session of deep cleansing and exfoliation, follicles will be cleared of all dull dry skin that can impede or slow the hair removal results you desire. The treatment includes a stress-lifting face, neck and shoulder massage with special aromatics and concludes under a soothing, moisture-boosting collagen mask. Highly recommended as a periodic skin refresher over the course of your electrolysis appointments.

Post Electrolysis Skin Relief Treatment - 45 minutes $105 [BOOK]
Highly recommended for especially sensitive skin! Following your 15-minute electrolysis session the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated, then treated to a cooling and soothing gel mask. The result is a reduction in redness and swelling, plus a smooth, fully rehydrated feel.

Microdermabrasion with 15 minutes electrolysis - 30 minutes $110 [BOOK]
(Please clean skin before appointment)

Microdermabrasion with 5 minutes electrolysis - 15 minutes - $80 [BOOK]
(Please clean skin before appointment)

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